Monday, January 30, 2012

Chinese New Year 2012 and...

Super image heavy... (O.o;; )

sorry for the noisy picture (=-= ;;)

It is the year of the Dragon!
I strongly believe it will be a good year ahead! And so it will be! :)

Unlike many others, who will be having reunion dinner with their big family and relatives. I only have my parents to celebrate with. Well it is a good thing as I will not be having relatives comparing, showing off, bragging and boasting, about all frivolous stuffs, after all having no EQ it just makes one a failure. Not saying my relatives are like that, it's just something that most typical Singaporean relatives would do all the time(yes even times when they get together or see/bump onto each other, I believe relatives from other countries possibly also does that too?). My relatives are mostly too caught up with work and studies, no time for anything else. For my Dad's side I only met them once when I way, way, wayyyyy young, which apparently now "data not found". Don't wish it would be found anyway :X

Buns on the left, new addition to my plush family! That's my kawaii mum on the right :P I took this secretly!

I am Ms 25th January! Was featured on StreetAngels@SG website and on StreetAngels@SG Facebook as well and it is also Noriaki-san's birthday~ Happy Belated Birthday~<3 P.S.: Thanks for the lovely photos!!!

On the eve of Chinese New Year, which is the Reunion dinner, we had dinner at Ju Shin Jung, this place is MASSIVE! They even have private rooms!!! These are small side dishes, you could ask them for top-up free! like unlimited? I'm only like Kimichis for korean dishes. And yes try the Sabafish? It is um um ummm yummy! When I remembered to take a photo I've already devoured the whole it. I think I might be a cat in one of my past live(s)?

 Cinnamon ginger tea with heart shaped <3(I love heart shapes XD)watermelons after dinner. the tea is way sweet...I emptied half of it and added the barley water in. I was a never a fan of sugar, but a fan of desserts...I don't know how I work that relationship hmmm...

 On the first day of Chinese New Year night, we went to eat at Waraku, the wax food display is looking so adorable and yummy!

I seriously love this pair of boots!!! I should have adjusted it before getting this photo taken...

As usual I got a big bowl of ramen...yes this is really BIGGGG like GINORMOUS bowl of ramen, BIGGGGGER than ma headddddd!!! Though it is huge but the taste and noodles were so-so, I guess I had too high expectations for the Waraku over there. I love my noodles thin, springy, chewy and crunchy. I am so anal about my noodles (;; >.>)

It's so orangey with taking photos with incandescent lighting. I didnt wear lashes that day ( >3<)

A drink after dinner watching people go by...Life's little pleasures. Never drank such yummy Apple cider before!!! Sparkling too! 4.3% ~ 4.7% alcohol content. Totally don't taste like it. So fruity and sweet!

OHHH yea had crabs for the 2nd day, and yes the pincers already went missing when I took the picture. I'm one of the main culprit. Curry black pepper crab, UMMM UMMM UM!

See how much meat it has!!!

Funny me, I actually cried after finishing the crab... (@~@ ;;) Thinking how it is being killed just to be food for us... But well this is life... I hope I spared it's life from a longer life in caged torment(not forgetting the string which ties up its limbs)...

Well that is about my Chinese New Year...Went back to work on Wednesday, thank God because I love my job, I didn't had that dreadful feeling going to work the next day.

Anyways, lately, I am trying out nail patches or aka nail foils? As I am a clumsy person, who always knocks into stuff when the nail varnish isn't dry yet, such a MAJOR PAIN IN THE NOSEEEEE(the smell =.=). These nail patches are the best solution, but because my toes are so small I gotta stick and cut it into the shape of my toe. A little bit troublesome. But hey it saves me from sniffing and getting high on methane(which means my hands would shake (@~@ ;;) ), I am so getting some more... Will show ya'all on the next post!

A still from Wong Kar Wai's movie: In the mood for love

Can't wait for Valentines day! Date? Naw. Who needs a date when you got a date with HONG KONG! Yes will be going to Hong Kong pretty soon, so excited. I'm already starting to prepare for the trip,  I am also even trying to pick up Cantonese!The fashion labels, the food, the weather, the movies, the streets... Gonna paint a fresh beautiful memory there with my family V(^~^ )

Alright, thanks for reading guys!!!
I'll try to be back as soon as I can! Gonna hit the sack!
Take care, stay healthy and be happy! :) And don't forget to live life with gratitude!

Xoxo <3 ,

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Yeap while searching on youtube...
I found some really interesting music...check it out and show some LOVEEEEEE~
Enjoy guys.
Anyways...What is Dubstep? Feeling lazy so...Wiki will do the trick...


Give the whole music a go! This is the music which started my relationship with dubstep.

Very familiar...OH I HEARD THIS AT JOANNE'S SHOP!!! 

Catchy catchy catchy!

Just love it don't ask :P

Everything about it is just sick!

Last one!!!

Hope these music bring you guys some motivation and inspiration and all good things!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

3000 Views Giveaway a.k.a 1st Giveaway!

When pageviews hits 3000 views, I'll be giving away a set of goodies.
I promise it will be real awesome! So stay tuned to Bunches of Hananas.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

StreetAngels@Sg shoot with Nokriaki Tsuchiya and Golly

Last Saturday, Golly and I had a shoot with Noriaki-san! Many thanks to her I got a chance to get featured on StreetAngles@SG! Basically it is something like the Bijin Tokei(check out the GAL-Tokei[takes awhile to load]) Singapore version! Oh and you could download their iPhone app FREE here: StreetAngels@SG Photo Clock. Or else just search on your iPhone Apps manager!!!

I am Ms. 8:10PM and 8:11PM...

My face looks pretty bucket alright...The Pablo Picaso face...Just had to put his photo up :P

Golly! 8:07PM She had 4~5 mintues? (-_-)ゞ゛ It should be 8:05PM to 8:09PM? (Correct me if I am wrong Golly sorry! (シ_ _)シ )

Anyways, other than time I will be featured on 25th January as well! and Golly will be on the 24th January! So, when it is 24th(Golly) and 25th(Me) of January we'll be on StreetAngels@SG! Please remember to support us~ XD Thankssss in advance (´ε` )♡*chu*

Thanks again Noriaki Tsuchiya-san!!!

Fast forwardddddd...

We went to take Purikura at Parco Bugis since the one at Cineleisure has closed down...(ノД`)・゜・。 I love this S.E.L.C. machine it could print "Kira Kira"(sparking) effect! O(≧▽≦)O That was what I was looking for!!! It was fun to do things like this in such a long while! It reminds me of my secondary school days!

I especially love this set! Specifically the photo one we are 'wearing' the white bear beanie!

Some earring hauls for Chinese New Year this coming week which falls on 23rd Monday and 24 Tueday.
Can't wait to wear my grey Cheong Sam! Σ(゜ロ゜;) Reminds me I gotta work out to loose my mini tummy. gwah...((*゜Д゜)ゞ”

Good night, good morning.
xoxo love,

Monday, January 16, 2012

Matt Gubbey and Hot Korean Men

Short post about adorable, hot guys...

As I was walking past Aldo, Plaza Singapura one day, I can't help to find 2 very familiar faces on their adverts... Matthew Gray Gubler and Lily Donaldson. OMGBBQ yes sorry I am very slow. It is already year 2012, 16 January, and only now I am gushing about it...Possibly the posters had already been taken down... *facepalm* OH WAIT CAN I HAVE THE POSTER?

Gubbey is always so quirkly(yes I made this word up) adorable.

Anyway people check this website out -> koreansexgods I can't to seem to stop my self to stop scrolling down...FWAAAAHHH!
Don't need to thank me, just don't drool or nose bleed yourself dry.(I was so close on doing that...)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Canon C300 Video Camera Launch!

Hello I am back again. Let's cut the crap and get to the main highlights!
Thanks to Songwen I had the chance to experience the launch of Canon's latest industry video camera, the epic C300.

That is Vincent Laforet giving his speech, Mr. Laforet is a famous French American photographer based in New York. He shoots for Life, National Geographic, The New York Times Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Time, Newsweek, Vanity Fair.  Check out his official website here: Laforet Visuals

Basically, Canon took principles of the 5D DSLR and developed it into a proper movie camera. The sensor is a conservative 8.3MP, and it records 1080p video in each of the three color channels. These pixels are big, for good low-light performance, and the movies are recorded to standard CF cards.

C300 records in the open-source MXF (Material eXchange Format), can capture compressed MPEG2 Full HD, uses 4:2:2 color sampling and hooks up with all manner of movie accessories.
OKKKKKKKKKKKKK enough all this technical stuff.

Check out Vincent Laforet's short film here: Mobius
Leave it to load a while, and come back to watch later.

I have never seen such crisp clarity and details on the cinema screen before. It totally blew my mind!

How they mounted the C300

Some behind the scenes stills!

I am surprised  at the amount(little) people who worked on this short film, and most of all they didn't need much light for filming in the darkest places, the ISO could be set to 20,000 and the best part is the video did not come out to be like the bad noisy photos shot on a DSLR, in fact it looks like very fine film grains which you see on some indie films. This short film only took 3days to complete!!!

This beam of light is produced by...beams of light look below!

Two moons, one created by beams of light, shine during tribute at Ground Zero, 2003. You could buy the print on The New York Time Store: Two Moons

Bad power failure which affected Eastern USA and Canada, during sometime in 14 August 2003. 38 years later after a very bad power failure in 1965.

My favorite photo! Looks like toy models made behind Mr. Laforet's backyard. Private air planes of millionaires!

Applications Vincent Laforet has on his iPhone! Download it all now!

Other ways of mounting!

XXIT, a shortfilm made by the people of Stargate

Small, compact very portable. Easy filming in small narrow spaces!

Btw this baby here cost $20,000.
For the performance and such for the amount it is totally worth it!

I'm ending this blog post with a photo of Vincent Laforet and me!
I am so know I have my days of being an otaku alright.

Ciao people be back soon!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Spring Summer 2012 Report

I've been doing my homework recently, yes this is gonna be an image crazy much post...Brace yourself. :O
Images taken from, Thank you!!!

Before you all go out to get your Chinese New Year clothes...

You could put today's trends into your daily Gyaru look, or even tribes that you are into, to give it that extra punch! Hope you all could easily digest and use these information to your benefit! Be creative and experimental! Keep on trying<3

Hana's Spring Summer 2012's Trend Report:
Colours: Whites, Colour Blocking, Light colours, Whites, Pastel/ Light milky colours

Elements: Sheer, Dare to bare, Clean lines; minimal shapes, Floral Prints, 1920 look.

Louis Vuitton(Left) Moschino(Right) White Lace Dresses

I am in just the right time to be obsessed with white. And no wonder laced dresses are everywhere these days. This Louis Vuitton runway show reminds me of this scary model experience click here

Kenzo(Left) Red coat + Turquoise green dress, Marc by Marc Jacobs 60s inspired swimsuit(Center), Dsquared Mix match with Tri colour flowy skirt(Right)

Colour blocking madness!!! 

Dolce & Gabbana  Sheer Eggplant Dress,  Oscar de la Renta Sheer-ish Floral dress

Gotta love sheer dresses, it always looks so sexy on women, exuding that teasing peek-a-boo flirty vibe. Makes you wanna see more underneath :X

Betsy Johnson Sheer Top with leopard printed pants on the left and Anna Sui Feminine Floral dress on the extreme right

The timeless Marilyn M. look

Anna Sui Sheer Top, Printed Jumper, I guess you can sorta consider it 60ish look

Reminds me of this poster...and somehow a little of Josephine Baker
Could probably work the Gyaru look with the turban, or a headband with a bow or a cross will be cool.

Roberto Cavali Embellished Drop Waist Dresses! Roarrrring Twenties inspired dresses never look this good! 

The gold one is my favorite! Obviously.

Emporio Armani, The hat, suit and pants is just so Great Gatsby

Love that Cloche hat, so gonna make it!

Ok omigwad...I'm really tired from all these research, excuse me for any typos(I already proof read x3), And sorry for the really dry post...
Two more Trend post coming up! I PROMISE to make it much more interesting!
-Trend Prediction for Fall/Winter 2012
-Makeup and Hairstyle throughout 2012
Stay tunned to Bunches of Hananas!