Monday, September 27, 2010

Trend in Japan this September

Hi I'm back again to give you the latest trend update in the streets of Japan...
During this time of the year, temperature outside is going low, time to get all layered up!

Trends for September and possibly October would be...

For the gentlemen it would be. . .

Ethnic clothing, ali baba harem pants, sling bags, Dandy look, Hippie look. The popular colors would be whites, greys and browns.

For beautiful ladies it would be. . .

Ethnic clothing, ethnic prints, floral prints, vintage leather handbags, sweet pixie/fairy look. And the colour palette would be warm earthy tones and earthy tones and of course white!

Coincidently, I am into earthy tones. . .Time to do some shopping, my wardrobe needs to be updated. The weather here is pretty cold these days, need more stuffs to layer up too!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cecil McBee A/W 2010

Yes I know I have put up the video of that collection the the 21 September post, but those are just a few oieces from their Autumn/Winter collection so let me talk more about it. . .

For those who do not know the brand Cecil McBee, they are a very famous Gyaru(Is a tribe/subculture in Japan, where Japanese girls who has tan skins, wears a lot of make up exceptionally much on the eye area and a big backcombed hair.) brand in Japan. As in the earlier post I said they are one of the most popular and best selling brands in the well-known 109 Shibuya shopping mall.

Here are some pages from their A/W 2010 catalogue

As you can see from Cecil McBee's Autumn / Winter Collection, there is a lot whites, blacks and earthy tones. There is lots of use of fur, leopard printed fur, wool and knits. They love the layering of long coats above short dresses and worn with a pair of knee, or over knee pair of boots. Though there is alot of layering going on, every dress on its own emits strong sense of femininity. From the images of this catalogue, a typical Cecil McBee lady are fun, sweet, sexy, glamorous and indulges themselves in luxury, and are in the 20s to mids thirties age group.

I would like to be a Cecil McBee lady!
Cecil McBee will always be in my wishlist, so you know what to get me this Christmas right? :P

H. NAOTO S/S 2010 Crime and Punishment

H. Naoto has always been a popular and famous designer in the Japanese Gothic tribe his clothes are always featured in magazines such as Kera, Gothic Lolita Bible.

This collection is about Punishment. From his designs screams pain and torture from the torn, rip and tattered fabric, buckle and chain elements. The use of color black, white and maroon oozes the melancholy vibe. Silhouttes are mostly straight a pinch hour glass. With the models head bagged up, and poses which looks rather lifeless, it exudes a very spine-chilling sensation, like as if they were ready to be hanged or already hanged. Somehow it also reminds me of medieval era executioners.

From the exhibition, the displays are gore in nature with the red splatters on the garments and mannequins. As always, H. Naoto executed this collection flawlessly.

I love H. Naoto’s designs, although his designs are pretty predictable, but it always has this sophisticate and art like touch to it. I do not mind wearing any of those pieces (minus the head gear of course), even though Singapore is not ready to accept this genre of fashion yet. I do not mind getting a little attention for wearing such beautiful clothes.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tokyo Girls Collection 2010 Autumn / Winter

(taken from Tokyo Girls Collection

Tokyo Girl Collection?
It is a hugeeeee Fashion event which is held twice a year in Japan(duh); Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter. This year it it held on 4th September, at Saitama Super Arena. It is to show case Japanese women street fashion to the world. This fashion event creates massive media coverage and Unlike those usual, typical the runway show, featuring garments as work of arts, they features clothes there will be live musical performances. Their target audiences are not from the fashion industry but are any regular female consumers. The most unique feature of this Fashion event is that while the models are parading down the runway, consumers could purchase any garment or accessory adorned by the models via their cellphones. HOW COOL IS THAT?! :O

Here are some of mt favourite brands...

Cecil McBee

Cecil Mcbee is one of the most popular and best selling brands in 109 Shibuya shopping mall. I anticipated for this collection for quite a while, happy that they didn't disappoint me.


2 words to summaries this collection feminine masculinity.
The ending is pretty entertaining :X
I don't get why they choose that last lady to walk for them, she looks old and unattractive...


Whites, knits, furs, forest girl and love peace and freedom

Gwahhh! How I wish I'm filthy rich (T~T )

That's all for today, I'm hitting the sack. . .

Check out all the other brands and performances here Girlstv

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dot dot dots

On 1st September, Dottie Tan came to Lasalle College of the Arts to give us an exclusive up close and personal interview, and gave us some insights on writing a successful fashion blog. . .

WAIT A MINUTE. . . who the hell is Dottie Tan? Dottie Tan used to be one of the authors from Fashionation, a famous Singapore based fashion blog. But they have already closed down due to internal affair issues. . .

Dottie Tan, having highest level of concentration, taking a nicely composed image of pretty Hello Kitty Cup cakes
at Sanrio X Dr. Marten Collection Event
(image taken from Story of a Dot)

I always wanted to write a fashion blog but I do not know where to start and I do not feel that I am not equipped with the fashion blogging substance.

From the many question asked, these were the few best ...

How does she handle defamatory comments? The ways she deals with those comments is not to engage and ignore those comments. A very wise way of dealing, if she retaliates she would be stooping down to their level. Constructive criticism are fine. Draw the line.

How to write a successful fashion blog, is basically write something which everyone could relate to, for example writing where we could get cheap finds and putting it together into an outfit. And achieve high fashion looks with a small budget. Finally interact with your readers!

I asked her how did Fashionation changed her life, from the past till the present.
She tolds me that she has gain much popularity through Fashionation, and gain also some unwanted attention when she is out shopping. Sometimes unknown people would call out to her. . .creepy creepy. . .

After this session I felt that everyone could write a fashion blog, it is not hard at all. But to bring your fashion blog to another level, you would need to put in some effort, time, be creative in the way you write and finally be consistent with updates.