Wednesday, September 19, 2012

STGCC Day #2 and Random buys and Super Yummy Foodies

STGCC Day #2

I was pretty beat up on Sunday, I ended up looking around shopping(again...), networking and stuffs.

This is the best snap I could steal when Darth Vader patrolling outside STGCC halls. Annoying people with their half assed cameras. I'm not being an ass here, but seriously at least give people with DSLR more priority of snapping good photos. That they could also enjoy later? Ok I don't make any sense and I sound like an asshole. LOL.

Yes being usual greedy Hana I got Simone Legno to sign on my Tokidoki mercs that I have just bought...NUUUUUU~ There goes my another $100+++ AND OF COURSE ANOTHER PHOTO WITH SIMONE LEGNO!!! This time closer, omg now I'm all DOKI DOKI alright, I felt a little of his chest
( @//3//@) *鼻血*

Tokidoki boards for sale $300 each, I wanted to buy but eh...I spend almost half of my pay cheque already. FML seriously. GWAHHH! I consoled myself with next year...NEXT YEAR!

And Kage-san got the last Tokidoki Unicorn! TOTALLY REGRETTED NOT BUYING...

Boss gave us an awesome treat at Beer Market!
Yummy wasabi fries and Fruli Strawberry beer! This is the most tasty beer I have ever had!

 My booty of the day...yea another $200++ more broke. HANA STOP BUYING RANDOM STUFFS...
Actually I regretted not buying more Tokidoki Cinnamon mints, it's only $4 on STGCC and MOFO-ing $10 sold at *SCAPE. ANDDDDD I MOFO-ing regret not reading though the brochure thoroughly and using the discount/freebies coupons to redeem more Tokidoki items! AHHHHHHHHHHHWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ARGH.

Recently I've spotted this cute lil' Salmon sushi wire manager, looks totally like the real thing...except the Salmon slice is a bit too thin for my liking :P *nom nom*

I got this cutie from MonoYono! If I wasn't that broke from STGCC I would have got a couple more items from there. DIGGGGG the vibe of the shop...

General Purpose Rabbit Backpack...I got cheated, I thought it's head is able to pack in some stuff. Without further examining it I paid for it... ): It is only the tummy zip area I can store only my mini bunch of keys D:

In case if you all wanna get it too, I got it from Seimon-Cho at Plaza Singapura #03-03
They have lots of other Sanrio, Monchichis,Japanese cartoon character merchandise!  

Anyways this is what I've been up to lately..

Guess who I'm cosplaying ;P

Continuing on...with work life...

Last week before shifting off ...Mr. Chan brought yummy jelly Mooncakes from Food Mapping (check out Food Mapping on OpenRice) , pink is red wine, white is champange, green is melon, orange is mango?(i thought it tastes like orange :/), brown is coffee. The one with wolfberries and chrysanthemum petals, I've yet to try... 

(Excuse me for the badly taken photos, as I'm using an iPhone 3. OTL again.)

I TELL YOUUUUU I LOVE IT ALL!(except for coffee of course, never a fan of it, but a true fan of teas) Well maybe I'm not so much of a traditional Mooncake person, I always love fancy new different stuffs. Different taste and textures, this is something really new and interesting to me! Plus it's so colourful, anyone would love ittttttt! What I love about it is, the filling's sweetness is just right! I love desserts but always the sweetness could almost kill me on the second bite...OTL

anyways back to more food
Mr. Chan brought more desserts sometime in the week again to make us all FAT

(ok not really...all is good, food is the only thing I look forward to everyday at work, something which adds colour in my almost monotone[trying to be dramatic, but seriously I love my job] work life.)

AND GUYS YOU CANNOT, NOT TRY THESE. I TELL YOU!!! MY COLLEAGUES LITERALLY FIGHT TO GET A PIECE OF THIS CHOCOLATE TART! By the way, it's less than 3 minutes both the Chocolate tart and Tofu cheesecake are half snatched up. Can you imagine how crazy we are!!! *nomnomnomnomnom*
 Honestly, the Chocolate tart is only a tad sweet, but hey chocolate and sugar makes you happy and work faster ;)

But the undisputed winner would be the Tofu Cheesecake at the back, topped with choco crunchy balls!
LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. The bottom crust and the interesting texture of the cake when it's in your mouth, so springy when you poke it!(nothing better to do *rolls eyes at myself*) And of course this cake is lightly cheesed, guys if you think this tastes like soy beans boy your WRONG WRONG WRONG! This cake taste totally like a cheese cake with an interesting texture! To people who dislikes deadly sweeeeeeet desserts, this will be a piece of heaven to you :)

DIGGGGGGGINNNNGGGGGG ITTTTTT, I have a craving for Tofu Cheesecake now...ARGHHHH

Food Mapping is located at 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Beauty World Centre #04-25
Singapore, Singapore 588177

just in case you got a chocolate or dessert craving to fulfill ;P

Next up my all time favorite Mango Pudding

What I really love about this mango pudding is, it is not the usual sweet pudding, mangoes are slightly sour and it has real mango chunks in it and pudding does not taste artificial at all, possibly made with real mango juice!

It's only available on Thursday and Weekends?(not too sure, ask them ;)) 

Mango Pudding from Tanjong Rhu Pao at Geylang Lorong 34 Guillemard(hope I got the road name right) side!

Man... I wanna go home tomorrow filling my stomach with these after dinner GWAH!
Saying about that I've got another day to conquer OTL...
Better hit the sack like NAO...but anyways........If you all never seen me in black hair/dark hair...



ハナナ、お休み皆~ ♥
(Hanana, Goodnight everyone~ ♥)

P.S.: Check out Mirai-chan's 2nd Giveaway! Open to everyone on Earth yo! :P

Monday, September 10, 2012

STGCC Day #1

IM BACKKKKK!!! I was covering STGCC under SGCAFE.(using my camera that is, my interviewing skills isn't good.)

STGCC is held at Marina Bay Sands this year, how awesome is this?!
But it feels a little weird as Marina Bay Sands has always been a posh, kaching kaching, and seems like a all so serious place, seeing cosplayers roaming around feels a little odd. If I were cosplay I would feel a little odd too. Check out SGCAFE's post on STGCC!

 Check out my media lanyard 

Carlo Pagulayan

I can't believe how fast he could just come up with a sketch @~@

Group photo with Carlo Pagulayan!!!
ARGH MY FRINGE IS ABIT TOO LONG. Reminds me I gotta go get a hair cut!

Andy Tong's tatts!

 Stephen Segovia

Thank you Edward for this!!!

I'm sorry Carlos P., I got a rather random photo of you...Anyways these guys are super fast with their sketch, I feel like a failure... (T-T ) I used to draw a lot.


I'm sorry guys, I'm not so much of a comic novel fan but...

I was so lucky to get 30mintues with Simone Legno, I happily snap away with my camera! u

 Simone signing on Edward's board!

Legno-san looking hot when is he concentrating!


and eh yea I asked him to sign my TKDK loots!
I'm greedy...


My LeSportSac Baby edition signed :D 

And I got cutie doughnut girl plush signed as well XD


Simone Legno's interview was the last one...
and met Crispy, Sabibi and Co. for dinner :) 

And I gave myself a $30 treat! Santouka's Kurobuta Ramen set. Santouka's Ramens are one of the best ramen I ate till today!

My booty for today!!! 

$200SGD flew right by me...GIRL YOU GOTTA EXERCISE CONTROLLLLL*talking to self*.
considering $200 including that TKDK bag it is totally ok...

That's is all for day one, sorry for the lack of camwhore photos...I always go out saying that I will take a full body photo of myself and ended up....@#$%^&*^%$#@!

ok before I hit the sack...

Vote for me and my students please~! On the link below~ <3