Friday, April 26, 2013


Lately, I've been pretty hard working freelancing... Did a few test shoots with super creative people!

Love this shoot, dark bondagey styling, fierce like crazy! And yeap Avant Garde makeup.

And  a shoot I've always wanted to do very long!!!
A Harajyuku Street Fashion inspired shoot anyways let's get to the makeup

Anyways this is Larissa from Basic Model!
Hope you all love my makeup and hair for her!!!

Yeap, too bad, my crazy lash covered the crazy eye shadows.

TIP: A great way to make your eye shadows more intense is to use a good eye shadow primer, for me my favourite eye shadow primer would be Two Faced Shadow Insurance! I tested it side by side with Urban Decay's Eye Shadow Primer when I was too free shopping at Sephora. And obviously Two Face won the test, it was so much more intense. Here a snapshot of it incase if you wanna get it

Can't wait for these two photoshoot's photos to be edited!!!
AND I'M WAITING FOR THE 5 OTHER POST EDITED PHOTOS, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE BEETCHES!!! :P Joking take your time but please remember to send me :) So I can post it up here to show the worlddddddd!

<3 you all,
Hana Hearts

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Helena - My Chemical Romance or Gerard Way(Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge) inspired eye make!

I've been wondering all these times how do I achieve this look...If you all are wondering too, wonder no more!!!!!! I'm testing it out fer ya'all...(save ya time)

But for my take, I made it pretty dark and BADASS...kinda, badass is my thing lately...

What you will need:
M.A.C. Carbon A71 Eyeshadow
Anna Sui 400 Eyeshadow
(From what I know you can use a brown reddish blush or eyeshadow to achieve the look as well! Whatever works on your skin! Feel free to be creative!
Gorgeous Cosmetics iINK Liquid Eye Pencil Carbon Black

Btw that M.A.C. Palette is a must have for all the jobs I go for...Yes even male shoots!

Firstly, layer the red generous amout of Anna Sui 400 all over your eye socket, then tap on M.A.C. Cabon pan and dab it all over your top eye lid and feather it out on the area nearing your socket bone, line the lower eye lid as well thick from the outter lowder lid to thin towards the inner lid. With what's left of the black eyeshadow go over the red areas to make it a darker shade(add as much or less depends on what you wanna achieve).

Looks kinda Maroony now.
Fill in the outline of your eyes with an intense black pencil/crayon eyeliner
Add on lashes and voila! You are done!
I added 2 pairs of lashes to make it more dramatic.

looking fierce...

This bottom look is only with one pair of lash, less scary...
Frowning to look fiercer hmm...

Maybe you guys could try it out on theme parties or Halloween?

Hana Hearts