Monday, March 26, 2012

If you guys are wondering where I am working...

I am working at Zalora Singapore. I love every bit of my job.
I do makeup and hair for the models everyday and I don't ever feel sick of it, in fact feel happy every time I complete the look. Other than handling makeup and hair, I do things which needed to be done in a studio! I have already learn and improved so much working there. I am so lucky to get a chance to work there. I am so thankful!

Plus! I get to see handsome and pretty models almost everyday. how awesome is this?!
And because of Zalora, I met a great friend. Constantly helps me to get better in life. I am so thankful that I have met her. Funny thing is I was losing a lot of friends back in 2011. It is ok...making quality friends beats making quantities of friends anytime.

Please check out her site and like her facebook page! Show her some love and support!
Her photos are really beautiful!
Tawan Conchonnet
Tawan Conchonnet facebook page

Oh and only recently I got to know that my photo was used without my permission during some road shows...Pffft...and Sato Hakubi sent me a apology email, gifts and letter. Well as least they own up... the shitty thing is after everything has been done and destroyed. I dun even get to see anything? I don't even know which picture they used... Oh well better than nothing. But thanks to them I've got some vouchers to expand my brush set. Hello hello contouring brush and pencil brush!!!

And because of Zalora I have got chance to work with Lisa from America's Next Top Model from Cycle 9.
She has really stunning features as well as proportions! Fun, down to earth, easy to talk to and easy to work with. She is my favorite model!!

One of my other makeup look for the model...I really love how the model is styled and show this photo is shot. Somehow the shades brings emphasis on makeup.

The best part is working in Zalora's studio...

I get to dress and do whatever I like to my image!

I was looking like a 80s mando pop singer with this dress on...

I'm using Dollywink Otona Series 13 Baby girl! Looking au natural~♥
A more pink variation from the earlier photo!
As mention in the title. Stylists, photographer and a MUA.

And guys remember to check out Zalora Singapore, they have wide varieties of brands and wide price points. Accepts cash on delivery and most of all free shipping(within Singapore of course.)!!!

FabulousiTEE $14.90 each! There is a whole series of singlets with quotes on it!
I am so getting it on my pay day. ZZZZZ NUUUU! money goes back to the company again!!!

Check out our Accessories -> Jewelleries, you could buy items as low is $4.90!

Most of all vouchers are given out on our news letters! So remember to sign up for it!

Happy shopping! Good night, good morning!
Hana L.

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