Friday, May 11, 2012

Nyx Matt Lipsticks and Max Brenner

Lately...I have been shopping for makeup supplies for studio use
And.......I chanced upon NYX Matt Lipsticks at Smoochiezz(cosmetic wholesaler) at Far East Plaza (#02-26/27 incase if you all don't know)

They have a lovely range of colour, and I picked up some interesting colours. $12.90 each!
-Indie Flick (Red)
-Nude (More like light pink than nude)
-Shocking Pink (Self-explanatory)

Lovely ain't it?

The matt texture is really awesome as you could choose to either use it on its own or layered with gloss for a different look.
Without flash on the left and with flash on the right.
With MAC Lipglass on the left side...Am I confusing you? (@~@;; )

AHAHAHAHA and I tested on myself first.

Obviously Indie Flick on the top and Nude on the bottom. The Nude shade is a little to bright. If you guys is looking for a real nude colour lip colour I would recommend you MAC's Viva Glam GAGA2 Amplified colour. I have been using that shade till today!

I'm wearing Dollywink Otona series's 14 Natural Cute lower lashes and only light Maybelline Feline Mascara on the top. Not too much for a work look.

Shocking pink matches well with my hoodie from H and M. XD
I'm wearing it with MAC's Lipglass. 

My coordinate for the weekend with college mates, denim vest and tank top from Forever21.

ARGHHHH the flash made my skin looking so oilyyyyyy....=-=;;

Dollywink eyeshadow 03. Blue orange inspired look.
I'm wearing Dollywink no. 02 Sweet girl top lashes (you can't really see it, though...didn't curl+stick it properly)
and Dollywink Otona series's 14 Natural Cute similar as above. 

If you are going to Max Brenner the first time and you are planning of getting their waffles for only yourself and after DINNER...(It's my first time there)

Yeap I was sharing it with my friend, plus the peanut butter drink. Lucky we didn't order two. Makes me so full that I'm almost exploding *puke face*

More online shopping on Zalora, ordered it on a Sunday and I received it the very next day. XD

Got Nail Rock eye shadow transfers can't wait to use it for shoots!

Are your brushes dirty from all those make up you do everyday? On the next post I'll share my secret weapon to make those dirty brushes フワフワ(fuwa fuwa), キラキラ(kira kira) clean again!

Hana <3

Thursday, May 3, 2012

L'Arc~en~Ciel live in Singapore!

I tell you, tell you, tell you guys...I've been  どきどき(doki doki)-ing for the past month every time I'm counting down or come across L'Arc's posts or images...


Planned to go down early to queue for the concert merchandise, which I wasn't able to get in Hong Kong.
But I had to work...Thanks to friends of mine I was able to get the merchandise!!!

1 Poster, 1 Towel with Hood, 1 Pamphlet, 1 Local T-shirt World Tour Version, 2 Tour Tshirt, 2 Light sticks, 2 Eco Bag = $330 o(╥﹏╥);;o

The crowd started to pour in pretty quickly...I'm trying to locate me seat...

HOHOHO HERE IT IS! Sandwiched between Tetsuya and Hyde.
I am so lucky to get this seating many many maaaany thanks to Lynn! <3

And it starts...I'll let the video and images do the talking...


the only clearest photo I took ): better than nothing...

Tetsuya after receiving Merlions from Ken, watch the 2nd video below!

Same as Hong Kong feathers were dropped during 虹

so beautiful. Like a dream...
MC Parts

Hyde is being so naughty >3<

Tetsuya is so adorable with this "thank you!"

Those swaying hips, (@3@;; ). I lost a bucket of blood nosebleed.

Comparing HK's live and Singapore's live, well of course I like Singapore one better(Nothing beats watching your favorite band in your hometown). There were much communication between the audiences and the band, there is this awesome connection between us.

Sitting beside Lynn, when Hydo-sama was walking over to our area, she flashed at him, her Uchiwa asking him to blow us a kiss and... HE DID!!! OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG *dieded*
And the kissing in the mic it is way too evily adorable, watching the video again makes my legs woobly...

I regretted not bringing my DSLR to take photos of them...

Some awesome pictures of the night circulating on facebook...

taken by

taken by Leon Wei

Obviously I'm a Hyde fan...I may love Hyde a little more than the others but I love L'Arc~en~Ciel as a whole.

This time round, I could feel that they were more sincere, and was truly being themselves. Hong Kong live was a pretty fast choppy(perhaps it's easier for them to communicate in english?), sound was bad as there were many hiccups...Hyde was a little off pitch, now and then, but forgiven for his smirk always makes fans oh so dreamy. Well there is a very slight sound problem at the SG live though, there is some "thizg thizg" sound random times during the show.

I cannot figure out how Hyde able to keep on singing so powerfully, even after so many lives...But I could hear some tiredness in his voice, not like he isn't performing up to par. He is as good as the other lives I'd say. I just feel a tad sad that he is exhausted from the touring. Well, imo.

Hyde promised to come back :) I'll be anticipating...