Monday, March 26, 2012

If you guys are wondering where I am working...

I am working at Zalora Singapore. I love every bit of my job.
I do makeup and hair for the models everyday and I don't ever feel sick of it, in fact feel happy every time I complete the look. Other than handling makeup and hair, I do things which needed to be done in a studio! I have already learn and improved so much working there. I am so lucky to get a chance to work there. I am so thankful!

Plus! I get to see handsome and pretty models almost everyday. how awesome is this?!
And because of Zalora, I met a great friend. Constantly helps me to get better in life. I am so thankful that I have met her. Funny thing is I was losing a lot of friends back in 2011. It is ok...making quality friends beats making quantities of friends anytime.

Please check out her site and like her facebook page! Show her some love and support!
Her photos are really beautiful!
Tawan Conchonnet
Tawan Conchonnet facebook page

Oh and only recently I got to know that my photo was used without my permission during some road shows...Pffft...and Sato Hakubi sent me a apology email, gifts and letter. Well as least they own up... the shitty thing is after everything has been done and destroyed. I dun even get to see anything? I don't even know which picture they used... Oh well better than nothing. But thanks to them I've got some vouchers to expand my brush set. Hello hello contouring brush and pencil brush!!!

And because of Zalora I have got chance to work with Lisa from America's Next Top Model from Cycle 9.
She has really stunning features as well as proportions! Fun, down to earth, easy to talk to and easy to work with. She is my favorite model!!

One of my other makeup look for the model...I really love how the model is styled and show this photo is shot. Somehow the shades brings emphasis on makeup.

The best part is working in Zalora's studio...

I get to dress and do whatever I like to my image!

I was looking like a 80s mando pop singer with this dress on...

I'm using Dollywink Otona Series 13 Baby girl! Looking au natural~♥
A more pink variation from the earlier photo!
As mention in the title. Stylists, photographer and a MUA.

And guys remember to check out Zalora Singapore, they have wide varieties of brands and wide price points. Accepts cash on delivery and most of all free shipping(within Singapore of course.)!!!

FabulousiTEE $14.90 each! There is a whole series of singlets with quotes on it!
I am so getting it on my pay day. ZZZZZ NUUUU! money goes back to the company again!!!

Check out our Accessories -> Jewelleries, you could buy items as low is $4.90!

Most of all vouchers are given out on our news letters! So remember to sign up for it!

Happy shopping! Good night, good morning!
Hana L.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dolly Wink Otona Series Prelaunch Lunch

As usual Singapore is slow in releasing this series which has already been release months ago.
Here's a 30sec Dolly Wink CM

Tsubasa-san is so adorable <3 for her.

I was the lucky few who got invited by Mandom to try Dolly wink's Otona Series. WOOOHOOO~

Thank you Sochii for the pictures :)
Shino, Seika and Me~ Taking photos while waiting for the lovely pancakes from TCC

Other than Kate brow powders, I would totally recommend Dollywink Otona series brow powders, comparable or even better than M.A.C. brow powders! The lightest shade goes really well with blonde hair, pigments are in rather fine granulometry. M.A.C. brow powders are more pricey :(

No.#03 Shade Brow Mascara

I am using 01 brow mascara on my brows, saves me so much effort on dying my eye brows. Totally recommend you this brand as the mascara is applied on my brows really well, as compared to Kiss Me HEAVY ROTATION brow mascara(Image below). It is rather cakey, hard and does not coat well. As compared to Dollywink Otona series. As it coats really well from different directions of applying and still your brows feel soft even after drying!

Urgh nice shot by my pudding hair is growing out. Admiring my just blonded brow LOL.

Sparkling Cotton Candy Take #1

Sparkling Cotton Candy Take #2

Puri Kura with everyone! + 1 Gyaru-O

Ever tried bottom lashes? If not please try it! It looks really natural for the Otona series! If you want to play safe get bottom lashes fixed in a straight direction!

Tried Dollywink Otona series Lash #13 Baby girl on a day to work

It brings more attention to the eyes! Plus my colleague, photographer says it looks good and all au nautral! XD She would totally not know it is fake, if I have not told her!!! She love my pink beaded Greek Goddess top too ( >3<)
Hope you guys enjoy experimenting with the lashes for work looks! ( ^3^)
Remember when you look good you feel good!

Hana L. <3

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Hello hello~

I am back sorry for the wait...Have been working hard at work these day...Usual...chop chop chop get let get to the main part. Ah yes shopping! Shopping experience in Hong Kong is insane, I repeat INSANE.
I  am constantly having a hard time picking out clothes in shops in Singapore, in Hong Kong it is never the case, in fact, I had a hard time picking out what not to buy (-_-)ゞ゛

Ok straight to the point, on Saturday I went to Hong Kong Industrial Centre( Lai Chi Kok MTR station take Exit C) to pick up a few clothes actually... Please do not visit there on a Sunday, AS NO SHOPS WILL BE OPEN! 

Opening Hours: 10:00am - 06:00/07:00PM
I would advise anyone who wants to visit there to bring at least HKD$1000 to HKD$1500 to fully enjoy shopping there. Go on a weekday and visit early!

Here are some finds from there: *Dun dun dun*

This 80s mandrin popstar dress is only for SGD$35+-

Black Lace Chiffon Top SGD$35

Greek Goddess Chiffon Beaded Collar Pink top SGD$35+-

Eh I can;t explain that face...anyways SGD$15 for this Cream Coloured Long Sleeve Tee Dress.

SGD$20 Red Windbreaker.

SGD$16 Liz Lisa inspired floral print kit top 

SGD $16 Orange knitted top

SGD$12 Pink Ribbon Parasol/Umbrella

And please do not forget to stock up on cosmetics before leaving Singapore. Cosmetics in Hong Kong is INSANE. Too many brands, and prices are all so affordable! Remember to stock up on M.A.C. makeups to me that brand is just the best. Lovely pigments, fun and easy to blend!

Some M.A.C. Shops in Hong Kong to look out for:

Admirality in Hong Kong Island Hong Kong Island 93 Quensway + 852 3106 0478

Sogo, Causeway Bay in Hong Kong Island Hong Kong Island 555 Hennessy Road +852 2591 9833

Elements in Kowloon Kowloon 1 Austin Road West +85 2 2196 8050

Harvey Nichols, Beauty Bazaar by Harvey Nichols in Kowloon Kowloon 100 Nathan Rod., Tsim Sha Tsui

Lane Crawford, FACES Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon Kowloon 3 Canton Road +852 3101 9036

Seibu, Mong Kok in Kowloon Kowloon 8 Arglye St +852 2269 1816

DFS Galleria, Sun Plaza in Tsimshatsui Tsimshatsui 28 Canton Road +(852) 2302-6888

Langham Place shopping mall(Mongkok MTR exist C3) Seibu M.A.C. Conveniently near to the MTR!
I shopped like I'm shopping in a candy store.

M.A.C. Blush and 15 Colour Eyeshadow Palette
Eyeshadow refill pans are SGD$17 each, much cheaper than in Singapore($21 save $60 on 15 refills.)


take it out and...

pop it in, it is magnetic

Blush colours are really beautiful, gonna do a review on it sometime soon. The sales assistant helped me pick it!

15 Colour palette and 4 Colour palette. 4 Colour Palett, so convenient to be brought around!
The four must buy colour for your palette I would recommend are Vanilla(Highlight), Bronze, Expresso(Shading) and Carbon.

Too much packaging... (=-= ) very unenvironmentally friendly...

So guys if you are going to Hong Kong for holidays please remember to bring your 20kg lug!

Will be blogging about Dollywink's Otona series, stay tunned!

Hana L.

Monday, March 5, 2012


Hello guys, I am really sorry haven't got the time to blog. I just came back from Hong Kong(again). Yes I was there to watch L'Arc~en~Ciel live... I am sooooo tired from all the 'exercise', never in my life I've exercised sosososososososososoooooooooo much... Give me a mini break for today. I haven't have enough sleep as I needed to catch an early flight back home. It is great to be home again!

 Let the photos do the talking for now alright?

Dim sum place at an 'ulu' place in Mongkok!

The Hong Kong I see from W.K.W.'s movies.

A typical real estate office...fwahhhhh feels like headache

 Dessert shop near(opposite-ish) All Saints' Middle School Mongkok. UMAI UMAI UMAI, highly recommend that you visit! Mummy eating her Bake cheese sweet potato!

Hong Kong Industrial Centre at Lai Chi Kok Station (Exit C), beautiful clothes at great prices. If you are wondering were clothes from Far East Plaza comes from...Look no further. Clothing and shopping finds will be up on the next post. Budget: SGD$10 and up, my picks are normally SGD$30 up.  

 Antique shop at Sheung Wan
Kaname-san's favourite ( >3<)

The glaring sun in the cold wind.

Yummy Macaron! Cheap, pretty and not too sweet. A great combo!

Honeymoon at Western Market

Mango Pancake and Mango Pomelo Sago drink(has taste of coconut milk :/), cheaper than prices in Singapore. There's only one Mango Pancake is served in Honeymoon restaurants in Singapore ):

So creamily sinful. Life is great that is why I've gain weight...

B-e-a-utiful furniture store. Forgot where it is at...I want my furnishings like this when I own my own condo...

Afro doggie~

BESS at Tsim Sha Tsui, last day of holiday!

 It is great to be home.

 Pretty lights, how inviting...

Good night everybody! Or say zou san hou!
Hana L.