Sunday, February 26, 2012

Post Hong Kong trip (Summaried)



I have fallen sick, being a stubborn asshole I did not take my Mum's advice on wearing more thicker less skimpy clothing when going to bed and serve me right I'm down with flu...WHICH INCLUDES sore throat, bad cough(what a good combination :/), runny nose(usual), headache and body ache. It wasn't so bad when I was back in the studio working the 1st day, then the 2nd day showed signs by night and BOOM the 3rd day.

And that is why I am able to sit fuwa fuwa ass here to write this blog post(Stayed home to rest for today). Gosh these days is just so super busy. As my company is launching their website full force, the studio team have to rush everything like crazy(includes me of course). Let me summarise the trip by using some pictures shall we?

not a very glamorous place to have this shot :X

 Yummy fruit tea, I wanna try to come up with the recipe.

camwhoring at hotel lobby when nobody's there :X 

 Never seen so much gorgeous men boots and shoes before...

outfit of the day! believe it or not the pair of booties is only for SGD$15.

Dad bought me a pair of Evisu glasses~ (Thank you so much DADDY!!! <3)

Yummy orange chocolate and white strawberry chocolate fondue for only SGD$11+ WOW!

Gotta sleep~ Working tomorrow!
Hope I have some time to blog tomorrow. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Forever alone week, almost.

I love Tangerines.

Lately...Kaname-san has ignited my fire to fan girl syndrome.
Somehow got electrocuted by him unknowingly.

Kaname, has been a name which is stuck to my mouth tightly lately :/
Gotten this picture from his twitter...Liking the original black haired Kaname-san better, just preferance. Well, Kaname-san is Kaname-san no matter what he does, he is still my favourite Bishou-ikemen :D

Hai hope he likes the Pineapple tarts and chocolate... (; >3<)

And guys sorry I am still waiting for the images to be vetted. m(_ _)m
I promise to get it all posted up when I'm back from H.K.

Yeap my hair is grey again... from the earlier post's picture. After washing it has finally faded in to the ideal colour that I wanted it to be. Ash brown. Well obviously it is due to the base colour of my hair, which is yellow. It irks me, tsk. Never like yellow.

Although days has been foreveralone...Money has been a great company.

Had a bath + facial at 2am, yea I know it's abit crazy. Time passes too fast, I need a pause button. Used Amandopondo bubble bar, soft rose scent not too overwhelming or nose-cell-killing, Highly recommended.

What  a beautiful sight. Taken from Level 4 at Marina Bay Sand's before ballroom waiting area?

Macarons, macarons always so sweet...
If you are contemplating if you should buy the oh-so wonderfully coloured Macarons from TWG, my advise is yes go ahead buy it. A person like me who has a strong dislike for sweet stuff, finding a dessert's sweetness bearable is pretty rare. If you are still worried...I have a better suggestion have your Macarons with tea! Bitterness from the tea will be lightly less harsh on your taste buds!

Timless(forgot the flavor name) ice cream, Macaron($2 each piece) on the right  Yellow - Lemon (Sweetest of them all in my opinion), Red - Black tea blackcurrant? (A berry berry macaron, but not my cuppa tea for now), Pink - Rose (Love it especially taken together with Earl Grey teas ^o^V ) 

Cityscape at Swiss Hotel at level 70

Lovely milky way ceiling and lovely city view 

 Experimental cocktails, on the left Bubble tea it is really bubbling when served. And again I forgot the name of this drink(chocolate balls, vodka, gold dust which I can't see under the dim lights...hmmm looks a bit like baby bunny poo), just don't get it. It's is no doubt a pretty drink but...too hardcore on the taste side. Perhaps it is just an acquired taste?

  This Cinnamoroll in Pink. I hope someone could get one for me...LOL

 My first lugg, which is possibly in the future will be my makeup box.

M.A.C. 4 palette eye shadow. $94 ($21 each colour + $10 for casing)
There is a 15 colour palette as well! But it cost around $300...So I'll just stick to this at the moment.

Extremely fuzz-comfy thermal shorts, $2 each from Daiso. Usually, I would wear it as home or as an underpants, I am so guilty of wearing really short skirts. (;; >.>) I needa compensate for my height...

FWAHHH...Tata gotta pack my luggie now.
Me no want rush. sorry for the moron language.
Just one, one more day to Hong Kong...I am already excited.
Could you guys recommend me places to eat, shop(cheap but fashionable), sight see?

Hana L.
Gd night, take care!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lately, transition period of January~February

Mini updates...
Sorry for the delays for the give away, it'll be up when I am back from Hong Kong.
Hai, I am going to Hong Kong on Valentines day! Which I will be adding a little few more items for the give away!

Super yummy Cheese cake and ice crean from Yomenya Goemon somerset 313, a must try period. Exit into Somerset Mrt via the Somerset 313 shopping mall exit turn right and you'll see it! It's a restaurant with Kabuki flags??? Small portion just right for after meal dessert! $20 set comes with a main course(choice of pastas), a salad, drink(your choice of drink) and a dessert(your choice of dessert). Gonna go back and try the Chocolate fondant looking cake...

Went as a photographer together with Boss(Songwen) from Sgcafe covering Spring Taikai event (just this sunday!). I'll update much more when the images got vetted.

Bored, snapped while waiting...

OMG the queue was crazzzzzzy though the event starts at 6:30pm, it's only 2:30pm look!!! 

The feeling on stage is justt magnificent!!!

Launch of AFA shop at *Scape!!!

Dasoku cards and Kaname autographed photography book!!! 

 Spring Taikai tshirt on sale!!!

Super organized queue even event is starting!

alright that's all for today...
having a headache tsk....


Thursday, February 2, 2012

3k views a.k.a. 1st Give away!

Hello guys!!! Thanks for the support, I've just hit 3k views!!! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
I'm now preparing the Give away set, it's a set of items that I love!!! Which consist of...

Box(es) of Diamond Lashes
Majolica Majorca Lip gloss
My secret hair serum(s)...
+ 2 more items I'm still figuring out what...

So stay tunned!!!