Friday, April 27, 2012

Lately...Concerts, concerts, concerts (@~@;; )


I'm so lucky to get row 1 on Tetsu's side!!!!(Thanks Lynn!) Near to the middle too, that means it's be sitting near to HAIDO SIDE!!!

*spin spin spin head like how ken does*

Reminds of of the L'Arc concert back in Hong Kong...was so excited when I touched down in Hong Kong!!!
Sorry for that unglam gold bobby pin...
I wasn't so lucky then, it is all good as long as I could see them live!
Initially I didn't think they would come to Singapore and I purchased the ticket, it's all good! I get two see them live twice!!! :P

People slowly filling in!!! The excitment is just so intense...

And then it started!

Images are taken by Jere! My iPhone one are pretty crappy noisy...

 Yes that is Hyde alright!!! phone is so SHITTY!

This is all so unreal!
That day was first time in 6 years I've exercise that much. I just could not stop jumping around...

Traffic jam...tsk.
Crowd control was pretty good in Hong Kong, we are all able to move off from Expo within 15 mintues!

And Hyde's cantonese is pretty good XD


I dyed my hair again...yes your hear me I DYED MY HAIR AGAIN...
well because my green has faded to a yellowish ash... D:

I used Manic Panic conditioning hair dyes, Hot Hot Pink and Ultraviolet! make it streaky!
I took out small bunches, and applied dyes(off the bottles, not mixed in any conditioner) on each of them! to prevent the colours getting on to each other I wrapped aluminium foil over each bunch...time consuming... 

Trust me, you wouldn't wanna see my eyes now :X

J-Live ASIA announced ONE OK ROCK will be touring Singapore,
without hesitation I bought the VIP seating.

Please please please Jbands, don't come till the end of the year already...I've spent a bomb on L'Arc's concert(which this Saturday I'm gonna spend another $400 more =-=;;) Let me save up and get the best seat to watch ya'all!

ONE OK ROCK is known for their screamo angtsy music, aside from the angsty stuffs they have pretty good sentimental stuffs! Exudes so much emotions! 


Whenever you are


And I got a my super early first birthday present from a really good friend of mine! Haven't seen her in a long long long long long long(just got to emphasize how long is long :X) while. I miss her a huge crazy much, and due to some circumstances and misunderstanding in the past we didn't keep in contact. It's all good now! I have to thank her boyfriend(my friend as well) for that!!! 2012 is indeed a good year, I really do not believe in that whole yada yada end of world bullshit. The world such a beautiful place! Ok before I side track...
She got me this pair of jean from global rhythm essence, the dying and washing is really unique! (;; >3<) it must have cost her a bomb! I've been wearing it ever since  :D

Good night guys!!!
Hope to see ya'all at the concert~

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Olive hair?! (Short Update)

My caramel(pudding hair: dark on the top light on the bottom)has been growing out A LOT lately, time to take some serious action.

I went to Shunji Matsuo ICON to get my hair done... So here's the result...

Camera is so not working so well out doors...

2nd try...ok still not working...IT IS NOT GREYYYY...

Finally...Yeap ok it look like this, studio light works well after all...Olive green. Don't ask me how much I spend on my hair this month. (#╯`д´)╯︵ ┻━┻ ........................... ┬──┬◡ノ(╥﹏╥ノ)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Meanwhile in Zalora...

Meanwhile in Zalora(Working in Zalora)...

Fully utilise styling tools.
It is a blessing to work with talented, hardworking, focused, optimistic, fun, young and easy going colleagues! Looking forward to work everyday :D

Eat black sesame bamboo charcoal roll...It's pretty yummy!

Get to see awesome products first hand...and planning to buy after getting the next month's pay...( TДT)

Shoegazing...(not the music genre but like literally gazing at shoes)
Marlon's sexy legs, he's wearing shoes from DEPRESSION, you could get it from DEPRESSION has a good collection of unique men shoes! Even I would like to get a pair for myself.

Very sexy black peep toe stilletos from Foxtrot!
Check out their whole collection of bags, shoes and accessories on!

Days where we exchange fashion accessories...

And sometimes you get to see a rainbow after work!

So what are you waiting for? Apply to be a Zalorian today!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Most Awesome Makeup Remover

Being a skeptical biaaaatch makeup artist as usual...Every time I visit Watsons and see this makeup remover, I'll be like "It's just another gimmicky makeup remover, it sells because of all the Japanese characters splashed all over it." I just don't believe a water-based makeup remover could be so much more powerful than an icky oil-based makeup remover.

Till I tried the tester from Mandom, it totally changed my perspective of it. Like TOOOOOTALLLLLLY ok!

For a week I've been using this product both at home and work. I've also tried it on both my clients, friends, models(Russians, Ukrainian, Afro American, White American, Indian X Portuguese ) and of course me. They all loved it and wanted to purchase a bottle for themselves!

It cleanses off all types of makeup, completely! Oil-based makeup removers leaves disgusting trace of oil(obviously) and sometimes irritates the eyes and takes a whole lot of time to wash off. Bifesta water-based makeup remover is completely the opposite feeling! Plus it is so easy, convenient and so clean! (As shown in the above picture.)

Mascaras takes just a little more effort to remove. Just place and press lightly your Bifesta makeup remover soaked cotton swabs over your eyes to dissolve it (about 5 seconds) and gently rub it off!

I will advice you to get the remover for dry skin(picture below), as the normal skin one might be a little dry? In my opinion...

I was SOOOOOOOO convinced by this product I bought 2 for work place and 1 for home use! And I even refilled the sample bottle to use when I am in Hong Kong!

So don't wait, throw out all your oil based makeup removers today. I promise you'll love this product, if you dislike the oily feeling you get from oil-based makeup removers! And it is retailing for $16.90(if I'm not wrong) at Watsons! For such a big bottle and it's ability it's totally worth it!