Sunday, June 24, 2012

How to wash your brush 101, Introducing Daiso Cosmetic Sponge Detergent

Hello guys sorry for the long hiatus.
I did not have the time to update, as the Great Singapore Sales was around the corner...
Gotta work almost 24/7 everyday to bring you guys great stuffs on

Anyways, during my makeup course in Cosmoprof, my teacher introduced this product from Daiso to us, Cosmetic Sponge Detergent...It washes off foundation on white triangular cosmetic sponge, but leaving it slightly yellowish. Because of that I stopped using it and figured that it is a better idea to dump sponge off due to hygienic reasons.

Having a lot of un-used(is there such word?) detergent, I tried to use it to wash my brushes, and amazingly it works real well!!!

Although it claims to sanitize, but typical Singaporean me(Kiasu[fear to lose] and kiasi[scared to die]), I added half teaspoon of Dettol antiseptic liquid to it(to psychologically confirm myself that the bacteria is killed), if you don't like the smell of it you could always add alternative antiseptic liquids(add a full teaspoon+-). Oh just add water with the detergent to use obviously!

Yeap $2 everything and everyday! By the way it does not have any fragrance to it.
Don't have to add too much of it to make solution bubbly.

Remember to wash to always wash your brushes brush side down wards never even slightly tilting up.
I'll explain to you why in the later part of this post.

and swirl your brushes in!

Urgh nasty mudish colour

Rise off excess detergent

Squeeze of excess water

No problem removing lip colours as well!

To dry it, I squeeze the brush tips gently with a sanitized clean dry towel and leave them to air dry(or hair dryer dried :X), on my cleaned out brush roll. (Lazy way)

or best way it to...same towel dry, and air dry them brush side down in a large container so as not to let the water sip into the ferrule as it will loosen the glue holding the brush together over time.

Tip: Sometimes I spray perfume(about 3~5 sprays) into the water to for on the last rinse, to make it smell real good!

Oh yeah and the best part is... When my MAC brush roll is soiled with cosmetics products all over.
Using the same detergent lather it all over the inside.......

and brush out the colours with a toothbrush!(a clean not used one of course!)

And air dry it! I hang it upside down on a hanger using some pegs...

And wala! A cleannnnnn brush roll. Sorry can't seem to rotate the image...

For just $2 you could use it for wash sponges, brushes and brush rolls!!! Just calculate the money you'll save instead of buying pricey branded brush cleaners. Estimated $20 brush cleaner / $2, you could buy 10 of this cleaners! WOOOOOOO~~~

Or imagine the money you could use on other wonderful cosmetics!

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