Monday, July 23, 2012

Shibuya Gals 1st meet at Takashimaya Watsons


I was rather worried on what to wear, because I'm not a Gyaru, Gyaru girl... 
Argh heck, stop worrying and I just put on whatever I could find and feel at the moment.

Door gifts were given for the first 50 people who RSVPED to the event!
*hmmm I wonder what's inside those goodie bags...*
But ladies who dropped by could sign up join the lucky draw!
And stand a chance to win one of the 9 makeup pouches by the Gyaru senseis(including me of course :P)!!!

I arrived early and headed to the Shibuya Gals, pink everywhere as you can see! MI LIKEY! Well because my face is there too...AHAHAHA thick skinned.

Poster which has been put up for a week? Try to spot me!
Can't believe I could actually appear on a poster one day. Well other than the Hakubi Sato road show thingy, and I wasn't informed. :/

My coordinate for the day:
H and M Hoodie
Forever New Tank Top
Random shorts bought from KL
Mink tail from Talisman
and finally Vivienne Westwood Wing Melissa Platforms in Dark Red (see images below!)

Kelly was the host of the day :D introducing Ashley during the make over session, and her student will be Janice :D  And Steph will be putting on makeup for Sandra! (right photo)

2nd round of makeover session!

Pei Ting, full on concentration on apply makeup for her student!

Wendy Ashley concentrating hard too on drawing a perfect eyeline for her student Sharlene!
I love Sharlene's hairrrrr <3

Steph sensei, Boss :P, Sandra and me!!!


yada yada fast forward...

I love WendyAshley's pouch! Rilakuma~
Damn I wished I were the lucky winner, tsk.

I was really prepared on what to say about what my makeup pouch has...Stammering the whole time ( =-=);; OTL

and presenting the WINNER OF MY POUCH!!!
sorry I forgot your name (;; >3<) anyway I hope you like the items I picked for you!
Well drop me a message or add me up on facebook! <3

Finally it was picture time!


A group pic with Sonoda san~

As you can see I am kinda out of ideas to pose...ARGHHHHH

More interesting products will be selling pretty soon *hint hint more lashes*
and maybe you'll see me there :P I always love to drop by Watsons even I have nothing to buy it's the same even I go outta Singapore :X

Do check out Dollywink bottom lashes! They are my favorite, I wear them almost everyday to work, it is so light natural! Most of all I don't feel it there, that sometimes I forgot to remove it. :XXX

anyways anyways anyways.....................MOST OF ALL were there XD
we are such lucky bunch to get to take pictures with them!!!

that is why I was stammering on my speech

Ok relax man Hana, relax.

If you missed out on the first meet...Dont FRET!
For sure we'll be having our 2nd meet soon :D
so remember to like ->

And watch out for events, giveaway, promotions etc!

Some updates on my giveaway...
Sorry guys, bad news, the special item which arrived was a disappointment...So I'm changing it to something better, bear with me a little! I am very sure I won't disappoint any of you! <3

Signing off with some random photos that I took that day LOL.

Sweetie Denise and moi.

Group shots XD

Eh..........I CANT EXPLAIN...

I need PEDICUREEEEE like seriously.

Cutie Steph~ I love her pinky~ YES I AM A SUCKER FOR PINKKKKKSXZZ


*some images are taken from Shibuya Gals SG, Denise Wee, Steph and

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


To those who isn't updated to what is going on on Bunches of Hananas... I am going to have a giveaway, so please stay on moi blog!

Anyways, here's a peek at what you could get from this give away set...

1 Nail Rock Union Jack Nail Sticker
1 Decorative Nail, Gel & Rubber Jewellery Seal
1 D.U.P. Clear lash glue
1 Lip Concealer
1 Pair of decorative bottom lash
1 Pair Koji Spring Heart #13 Glamorous Long Lash
1 Tony Moly Lip Scrub

this is not all btw...I'll be adding something that every gyaru girl wants...

Excuse my ugly bed sheet...m(_ _;;m

So hang around Bunches of Hananas


Friday, July 13, 2012


Hello guys sorry for the lack of updates, I'm experiencing a laptop crisis at the moment...Bear with me a little while I'm getting a new one pretty soon :)

Anyways aaaaaa lot of  good news for YOU GUYS and me, I'll be annoucing in a while!

Firstly, I will be involved in the Shibuya Gals event this coming Saturday(14th July 2012) at Takashimaya's Watsons, together with Golly-locks, Wendy Ashley and Kelly Konomi for The First Ever Gyaru Meet-up Session!!!

So I hope you guys could come down and join us and show us your support :D
It will be a fun day filled with photo taking, makeup tips, games and prizes to be won!!!

And before this event I was at Mandom office to try out the new decorative lashes!!! I seriously love the Play Sexy lash series! Which I will be doing a thorough review about, when it is available in Watsons stores!

OMG MA BIG FACEEEEEE....ok cut the crap...I LOVEEEEE SEXY CATTY LASHES *PURPUR NYA!* =-=;; dramatic me... 

Golly, me and Evonne(beauty blogger), sexy series rooooockkks!
=-=;;;;; my left hand.......

The tried and tested sexy series lash testers!!! WOOOO! NYAAA!

And finally the sexy and cool lash people group shot!

Read on to find out a really good new for you guys!!!

Another good news for me is...I will be writing for SGCafe's J-fashion column together with Golly!

Gotta admit that I am not really well equipped with good superb grammar and awesome vocabulary, but hey I am gonna give my best shot! I am always very passionate about J fashion and tribes. So watch out for me over there alright?!!! ;)

To celebrate my 7000k reads...which is not a lot but I'm still happy, I am going to have my very first give away, the post it should up a week or so from today so watch my blog!!! I'll give you all a little sneak peek what I'll be giving away, here's some of favourite products....This give away will not just be for Singaporeans, but people all around the world!!! How cool is this?!?!?!?!!!!

And so this will be the first item I'll be giving away!!!
My all time most favourite eye lash glue!!! I use it for both lashes and sometimes to stick up double eyelids :X

The one I will be giving away is the clear type, it'll be perfect for any type of lashes!

Ok good night gaizzzzz hope you had a great time read because I and a great time writing :D
Need to hit da sack for da 'battle' tomorrow!

(P.S. The only bad new is my precious iPhone 4 is stolen, anyone wanna donate me your used phone? LOL!!! Oh and yep I went to One Ok Rock with my at that time new pink hair, which now faded to!~♥)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

HANA at AFM'12

9-10 June was AFM!
I was there with Sgcafe, taking photos of the bands and cosplayers who got interviewed.
I'll let the pictures do the talking...

Yes I never leave home without my L'Arc cape.

Eating ramen Hana style(Lots of chili powder)

AFM press conference at Plaza Low Yat

Vanguard segment with Kaname Vs
Kaname was brutal but...I heard he lost to Aimi(seiyuu for Suiko). LOL.
OTL for him

My AFM Media pass. (*^0^*)

LOL was trying on my Neko mimi beanie.

Cute finds: MYR$13 each

Day 2 at AFM
Finally got the chance to take a photo with Kaname-san after his interview, that is......still not the only time he did not get mobbed by his fan. He got mobbed taking photos with his interviewer fans LOLOL.

Flow concert was totally amazing! And I got a wink and flying kiss from Take(guitarist)!
And I am finally able to get this Domo-kun tee, wanted to get at last year's AFA but xs is all sold out tsk. LOL yes I am trying to imitate Domo-kun's pose and mouth

Going back on Monday

Not forgetting I shared a big bottle of  Honey Choya with Bjorn on the way back to Singapore.
When the trip gets boring, spice it up with a little tasty drink(s)! :P

By the way guys, sorry for the lack of updates, my laptop is dying on me I'm using my dad's one currently...It'll be back from repair pretty soon!

See you next time. <3