Friday, December 30, 2011

Crazy book haul!!! at PAGEONE warehouse sale!

Hello hello people,  I am back again to share with you my book hauls today!
My blog is pretty much about fashion and makeup so here are some stuffs I've got...

Apparently...Pageone is closing down hence the warehouse sale... 
It will still be on till the 2nd of January so be sure to be there to grab some awesome discounted books!
31st Dec to 1st Jan they will be operating from 10am to 8pm!
2nd of January it will be 10am to 6pm!  
Click to enlarge!!! Or check out their facebook page -> PAGEONE

The queue is insane I was queuing since 11:20am and only manage to pay at 12:50pm
As you can see the other side is the cashier line, from my side all the way into the sauna warehouse and out like a little millipede line...(eh..?) While waiting for my long long long turn, I grabbed book from here and there to read to kill time my phone battery is also dying on me...tsk.

Ah yes Pattern Magic, 1 & 2(SGD $26.21 each). When I was in school my lecturer highly recommends me this book and says that if we master most of the technique there, we would be great designers.Yes I failed to do that exercise so...I'm not gonna give up!  

And Research and Design(SGD $34.30) is a great book for aspiring fashion design students or fashion designers out there. It teaches you how to develop your ideas full and such. It is also another book which my lecturers highly recommends.

These two are the must buy for fashion design students!!!
Period hairstyle, has this step by step guide to do signature look of different eras, which I find it useful. But it isn't really detailed at some parts you have to figure it out yourself... SGD$9.22

I would really recommend Pro Make-up Artist, as it is quite a comprehensive guide to makeup, and yes it is qualified to be called Pro Make-up Artist book! SGD$13.40 -> Must buy!

 And guess what I bought that Ganguro girls book for a SGD $1, it is pretty much useless but it is nice to flip through it once in a while when you are bored.

THANKS FOR ALL THE BOOKS DADDY~ ya as my pay is not in yet... OTL ...FML

Other than book haul...Yes lashes haul! These were given by my Yenn Yenn~ <3
I am gonna try them all out! I still can't stop using my Diamond lashes arghhhh!!!
Thanks Yenn!

So guys remember to drop by PAGEONE before they are officially bye bye-ed  alright.
Goodnight, or say good morning and sweet dreams! 
It will be an awesomely insane New Year's Eve with my honey hun huns~
So stay blogged to Bunches of Hananas!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

M.A.C. Glitter and Ice Holiday Makeup Launch

Golly and I was invited to MAC Glitter and Ice product launch!
And I saw Mirai-chan there ( *^o^*)V

Picked up few tips from Beno Lim the Senior Artist of M.A.C.

Transfer mascara to a small tiny brush for easier application to lashes, both top or bottom. I would prefer using the length of the mascara brush to brush the top and tip of the mascara to apply the bottom, cautiously applying it from the roots brushing out to the ends of the lashes, as I feel it it coats the lash faster and more evenly. Then brush it out with a mascara brush to separate the lash and to remove the excess.

Adding lighter and shiny shadow in the middle of the lids to give some shine and gradation, then contour the eye socket.

The model's hair looks uncomfortable, but it looks super neat!

Glitter and Ice makeup collection....There's more!

Pigment and lipglass sets!
Yeap I am a total sucker for nude lip colour and I fell for it tsk tsk...
Ended up buying 2 sets, Dazzlesphere Smokeyblue pigment and Iced Delights Lip Bag which includes, a lip liner, a lip gloss and a lipstick. Thank God for Golly, she gave me her voucher. I feel so super broke, like broken. (=-= ||)

Photo with hot model...yea minus the makeup which make him look weird... Arghh!!! the frame chopped off his insane mohawk! Sadded.
Mi-chan where are you looking? Don't be shy  :P

Golly and me after the event having late dinner at Sakae sushi Bugis.
Lucky we had some muchies at the event or else our stomachs would have digested itself.
And yea I love the melon cocktail served there urgh I didn't get enough!!!

Comparing to Shu Uemura x Wong Kar Wai collection, it seem like this season's main colours are blues, reds, mahogany red, glitter gold,  glitter silver!  And yes for Shu Uemura's palette it cost $115 each, as for M.A.C.'s pigments it only cost $65. I'm sorry W.K.W. I betrayed you... OTL

Yeap, as you can see I am a sucker for interesting packaging...
 Dazzlesphere Smokeyblue ornament, comes with 4 pigments, stacked up 2 by 2.
You could rearrange it if you want to!

Shiny under flash, the blue looks rather purplish without flash, love the metal silver and white combo.
The shadows are easy to blend,  I also tried mixing it with lip gloss, the effect is rather interesting, I shall continue on another post :P

Let's try it on moi self!
Blue, with my usual makeup look, don't forget your usual gyaru highlight and shading! Eyes open.
Does not look overly dramatic if you keep it within your socket area, not too much as I am just going our for dinner and chill out session with my BFFs! Feel free to experiment with it!

With eye lids closed, the blue here seems slightly purplish, using the the black pigment I contoured the border of the shadow, at the socket area. 
Rock the Holiday look with the blues!

Happy Holidays Peeps!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Anime Festival Asia 2011

Anime Festival Asia 2011
was super fun this year!

I was hired to take photos for the AFA's favorite cosplayers!
Well actually it is actually both the mutual decision of both judges; Kaname's and Usagi's.

Yes the best part is I get to walk around looking for awesome cosplayers with the both of them!

 DAY  1

Kaname looking happy when he sees Robo-kun!

Usagi and Kaname at Niconico tv booth, the comments on the live stream were funny!!!

Tonnes of Niconico plushies so adorable!!! ( >//3//<)

Posing for me after Niconico tv live ( ^3^)V

My favourite cosplayers of the night! 

Maria the one in Red has always been my favorite! <3

DAY 2 

Usagi as Nami and Kaname as Sanji,(One Piece: New World) posing for Animonster magazine, my friend Raisa is one of the writers there!
(Raisa correct me if I am wrong ( ;;>3<) )

Signing for fellow cosplayers, Kaname looking kakoii~<3

Usagi should pout more! She looks so adorable~<3

Signing for Niconico

Lucky me, I stole a solo shot of Usagi!

Kaname's Niconico plushie 

During the uchiage I managed to grab Hajime san for a photo
Hajime san is the photographer of the event!
He takes photos for B.L.T. magazine! Check out his website below, click on the link!

Yes I am a sucker for the art fart looking types... :X

Kageshi and me at the uchiage! <3
Yes my usual duck lip pouting....

I miss my violet hair(looks blue under fluorescent light)!

Anime Festival Asia 2011 was a huge success this year, as I could see from the crowd (@~@;; )
Especially Anisong! The amount of turnout is insane!!! There are people from around the world who turn up at the concert! :O That is how awesomely impressive it is!
Made more new friends and found lost friendships!
I hope I am able to join next year...Please please please( >3<)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Secilia Luna gig @ Scape

Great music, great band.
Super bad marketing, time management, management and turn up, imo.
My friends and I bought the VIP after party ticket and ended up we only have 15minutes of after party. Total cheat and rip off.
And yes I don't give a flying fug about the Starfishes, wait not just me, most people are here to see Secilia Luna. The other 364days you could just have your own Starfish events. Don't waste our and Secilia Luna's time!

And yea we end up drinking...that explains the weird photos taken...
Janice and me mali-boozing away...boringgggg....

This shot uncalled for!!! (@~@;; )

Davinci's boots stealing the limelight! 

I shoulda have worn boots, it would be so much easier to jump around...

Trying to squeeze everyone into this small space...

Like finally the show began! 

Mirai in the mood

Rio is super friendly all of us like her alot!!!
Golly and me keeps doing the hearto sign to her <3

It was all a great night especially when your with a fun group of friends and of course great music! Even though everything else pretty much sucked.

Christmas...Invitation from MAC!

Christmas is round the corner, I can already smell it!

Bubbly Christmas at The Central!
What a beautiful sight!

MAC mailing list...
So I was invited to MAC Glitter and Ice event together with Golly...

Yummy Strawberry float from Waraku de Pasta(if i didnt remember wrongly)
Not very yummy, but looks yummy!

And I've got Teddy from Mommy as my Christmas pressie XD
what a surprise!

Teddy says Hi! Yes I removed the heart, it looks cuter this way!