Friday, September 23, 2011

Stop procrastinating...

I need to stop procrastinating, I need to finish up the photo editing this shoot with Mitsuki Golly-Lock...
So stay tunned to Bunches of Hananas!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

World Runway Premiere Fashionquake Aid 2011

On the 18 Sept 2011, Golly invited Miki and Me to the first World Runway Premiere Fashionquake Aid 2011.

What is it about?
Basically is a fashion show which Fashion artists(fashion stylist, makeup artists) are to work together to come up with 5 looks which fits the theme the judges picked. Winners takes $100,000 and half of it would be donated to aid in Japan's quake disaster and of course the winning group keeps the other half of the cash price.

This year participating countries are...
Brazil, France, Italy, Japan, Russia, Singapore, UK, USA

Mitsuki Golly-Lock sitting on the other side of where we were T~T

Argh I can already feel the excitment already!!!

Anyway the theme was City chic(or chick? lol narrator actually pronounced it chick)
OK fast forward, the most memorable countries were Italy, Japan, Russia, UK.

Ethnic look. Colour and prints the usual Italy

Interesting colour blocking and layering. One of my favourite hair and makeup of the night! Reminds me of Christian Dior's Spring/Summer 2007 Collection, mixed with Jean Paul Gaultier rebellious touch.

Classy sophisticated, armorist, leather. McQueen x Pugh look. My favorite of the night.
The model on the extreme left is so beautiful! I love their makeup and hair styling though it is pretty subtle, remember less is more. Nude colour is totally in these days!

 I didn't stay through the whole show, also it was rather disappointing that Russia didn't get into the next round instead Singapore got in. And also due to our very hungry grumbling stomach, lucky we are still in time for Crab stock ramen, my recommendation *proud*

Ramen at Parco Marina Bay

Hai I still hope that they could have something like Tokyo Girls Collection though... I'd LOVE to see Lena Fuji!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Awesome 'new' product CandyDoll

While waiting for a friend, I saw this 'new' product on Watson's shelf...
Like FINALLY CandyDoll Cosmetics! WOOOOOHOOOOOOO...

Obviously that is Tsubasa Masuwaka who endorsed for the product...
Having too much time on my side, I did a comparison of blushers between CandyDoll and Canmake!

I tried orange blush back when I was in makeup school and fell in love with orange ever since...Check out Tsubasa's look with orange blush, it's gorgeous!!! <3

Having too much time on my side I've decided to do a comparison of blushers...CandyDoll Carrot Orange blush vs Canmake Cream Cheek blush and also Canmake Powder Cheeks

Left to right: Canmake Cream Cheek 10 Sweet orange, CandyDoll Carrot Orange, Canmake PW16 Nable Orange

without flash
with flash

Canmake orange blushers are more on the redtones and shimmers, for CandyDoll is more of a matt pure yellow orange tone. As for me I'm looking that sort of yellow orange tone, shimmer free blush, CandyDoll($25.90?) is perfect for me, texture is rather dense and powder is really fine. The pigment is just right, blend according to how instense u want it to be. Actually I would also suggest getting Canmake's Powder Cheeks Nable Orange, as it has a beautiful orange tone to it, neither too much on the yellow side or on the red side. Most of all the price is super attractive, $14.90 and usually Watsons would have 20% off and so it will be retailing for $11.92!!!!!!!! OMGWTFBBQ!!!!!!

As for CandyDoll's lip glosses($22.50?)...

It is rather disappointing, the pigments does not cover your lips properly instead forming lip texture lines, as you can see my lip's skin is peeling off alittle and with that gloss on it makes it even more obvious...And most of all it's the stickiest gloss I have ever tried in my entire life urgh, I would be pretty unpleasant kissing someone with that on...

Hehe tried out my new blusher <3

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Hi guys I'm back after 1 year, I've decided not to bum around,
Anyways. . .this blog was started for a school project, and I actually come to enjoy doing so.
Haven't have time to actually be consistent due to school, so I decided to stop.
Excuse me for my bad bad bad enjoy m(_ _)m

What am I doing recently, well...
I did a shoot with Golly, love it got so many good shots!
Just yesterday I've went to World Ruway Premiere, Fashionquake Aid 2011

I need to post edit those photos first before i can post and talk it up here... Let me upload some previews.