Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bored and curious...

Yeap like what the title says...

I went on to youtube and I found these videos of me...
Yes I hate my voice... I am forced to do these video ok!

OMGGGGBBQ....yes yes laugh about it, I am also laughing :X

Short film school project by Ricky Lien... 

Yes I know my acting skills sucks, I don't deny it XD

Friday, November 25, 2011

I am getting fat...

When love is gone, lost and you goes into a down wards spiral...
You start eating more and more seeking comfort from food, it is ok do it awhile but please set a limit...
PLEASE DO NOT GO INTO SELF PITY AND OVER INDULGE... because you might be on the road of no return...

It is ok to feel shit for a year, well because it meant alot. You don't have to stress yourself to move of fast because instead of going forward you might end up not moving on at all. Trust me.

I know people who are bigger size than me would hate me because I'm no where near comparing to them, but the fact is I am growing fatter... I used to not having a tummy, from the food and the beers and sitting around watching movies and gaming too much. My waist is disappearing!!! ( T3T) I'll be keep a weight diary to help others as well.
Anyway, I'm weighting 43kg

It's time to wake up, and move on forward and a change of lifestyle...

I've finally become a Lacto-ovo Vegetarian, since last week.
It feels great not consume on the pain and sufferings of animals, plus it is so much healthier.
Never been happier!

New York New York's Tofu Salad is really good! Vege-muncher out there try it!
I wont recommend the Capuccino Mushroom Soup thoough...
Thanks my lovely Yenn for showing me :)

Exercising with Say

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Sweet heart buckled leopard print dress + Envelope clutch 
I would so like to own this T-T

Shot again for SE7EN, this time with Ariel as model. This time less of a straight up white wall shoot, well in the end I ended up shooting her at the same white wall due to time constraint. As you can see I try to make use different areas of the same location to bring in more mood in the pictures...

Fuzzy bottom dress + Printed scarf, sand coloured handbag  

Pink floral dress

Stripped waist hugged jacket + Asymme white netted dress
Love love loveeeee the dressss!

From this batch you can see that there are more varieties, as compared to the first shoot. The first shoot's clothes were more office, after office friendly clothing. As for this shoot these clothes are more for casual, party, gala, dinners or even weddings.

Laced trench coat, great for the rainy season, I wanted to get this...

Flowy eggplant print dress, funny cute prints, I love how soft and flowy the fabric it is.

SE7EN is located at Chevron House(Opposite Watsons) at Raffles Place Mrt. Each design on comes in 3 pieces; S,M,L only.

Black feathered, lily of the valley dress
Most ideal for dinners, wedding dinners feathers on the shoulders and embroidered flowers makes dress looks more sophisticated, rather than oh-it's-just-another-LBD.

If you love good quality and good fit clothes, please drop by I promise you, your trip will not be wasted! You'll only regret if you didn't come earlier or regret you didn't buy anything because their clothes runs out REAAAAAAAAAAL FFFFFASSSSST...Yes when I meant REAAAAAAAAAAL FFFFFASSSSST is it like lightning fast. I didn't even get to see some of their pretty new ones, because most of it ran out on the first day they displayed (;;;# T-T)?! <--- alot of mixed feelings

Sweet bow dress with embellished with faux pearls
Great for parties and going out

This is not a paid advertisement ok. I really love their clothes, just that I have barely enough to make it every month. Till I get a job which pays me well...

Meeting my folks after the shoot, I almost fell down camwhoring...That's why the face, embarrassing...Yes the glasses is to make me look like an intellect and the le photogphe art fart. :X oops now you know I am also another wanna be, poser lol.
I miss my violet/blue hair, I wanna be Clementine all over again, wait maybe I should go orange this time...hmmm

Monday, November 21, 2011

[未来日記] ♥: Mirai's 1st giveaway! =D

Checkout Mirai's 1st Giveaway!

[未来日記] ♥: Mirai's 1st giveaway! =D: Hello guys! Sorry for my absence, been a bit busy with my overseas school trips, assignments, school reopening, cosplay plans... (the list g...

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wong Kar Wai x Shu Uemura

Advert by WKW titled: Mask
"A fantasia rich with emotions, "Mask" is a dance between the extreme heat of passion and a sea of calm, climaxing in a glittering shower of healing beauty."

Beautiful aint it?

My favorite director, Wong Kar Wai collaborates with Shu Uemura to come up this year holiday makeup collection, sorry I might be a little slow...

Who is Wong Kar Wai?
Girl, your missing out on a lot, the last great film that he directed was My Blueberry Nights starring Norah Jones, Jude Law.

He is most famous for directing Chungking Express, Happy Together, In the Mood for Love and 2046.

I love the that unique art direction he put across in his movie. The use of music, dark lit/colour filtered lit settings. These movies exudes a strong distinctive Hong Kong essence so must that when I went Hong Kong I felt like as if I was living his movies...

Palette are inspired by Charles Bukowsk's poem "Burning in water,drown in flame." Hence, two colour palette, bleu and rouge
Bleu palette on the left and rouge palette on the right
Each palette is retailing at SGD$115
Nail colours SGD$49 each set

Other items,
Mascara with glitter SGD$45, lip rouge SGD45 as well, Lashes SGD$45& SGD125, White Recovery Ex+ Brightening Cleaning Oil with Advanced Formula($155 450ml), blush and brush set SGD $125.

Oh man seeing in pictures is just not enough for me, I'm going to drop by Shu Uemura later and have a closer look, and try it all out!
( >3<)

Xoxo <3

Friday, November 18, 2011

SEVEN #2 Shoot, Afa'11 & Wedding

Sorry for the lack of update I am so very busy these few weeks,
been working part time as proof reader...The usual day I fall asleep at least 3 to 5 times shhh!!!
Till I found a full time job...I have to stick with this at the moment...

Did a second shoot for SEVEN with Ariel this time round.
She's sucha sweetheart <3

And was photographing for AFA this year, for the judges most favorite cosplayer segment.
Second day was free and easy

Guess who is this ( >3<) hehe~! No prizes for the right answer though :X
Oh yeah and thanks Joanne for the awesome violet hair dye! It looks blue due to fluorescent lighting D:

And I met with Kamiiisaka Hajime who shoots for B.L.T. magazine!!!
He is super coooool when he is in serious mode working! ( >3<)~<3
Check out his website here: Kamiiisaka Hajime Photographs

Like finally I finished my basic photography course at Objectifs! Alvin Tang is a great lecturer, he is very patient and detailed in explaining.
I really can feel and see much improvements in the photos I take now days... Well of couse except the camwhore ones :P

Here is one of my favorite photo I took, feels very clam ain't it?
Planning on taking advance photography there!

And as for day, I need to look professional for today's wedding photography job, and because my violet is fading to lilac...I went to get my roots retouched and hair dyed to Gatsby's bubble hair dye almond ash colour...It looks pretty grey on my hair... 

Thanks Leon T. for the great help!!!

the one on the right

Actually, now I have 2 tones on my hair, as you can see my ends has a lighter shade than my upper hair and... My roots are more blonde than grey...FMLLLLLL... so ugly oh well I needa grow it out...
I think it wouldn't look that bad, when the colour is slightly washed off.

Next time round I'll never buy bubble hair dyes ever again...It does not colour that well. I have tried the Liese bubble dyes, when I had a darker hair colour, it seems like nothing changed and it is expensive! tsk.
I recommend, Hoyu Beauteen, L'Oreal(even ammonia free) hair dyes, as from my many hair dying experiences those are the two best brands!

Argh!!! I'm gonna change my hair style next year!!!
But first when this colour washes off im dying it pink!!!

Alrighty, here are only some updates...I'll be back soon with a thorough update on the events! 
Good morning and sweet dreams, over and out from Singapore.

Xoxo. I'll be back.*imitates Arnold Schwarzenegger*

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Just got my Wacom Bamboo tablet I've been using it all morning to do this ugly drawing to get familiar with it...
( >.>) so ugly... I'vent been drawing quite a while so...