Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hana Hearts, who?

A lot of things have happen within this past few months, many transitions. I'm less busy as compared to two three months back? But I always believe changes is good!(Breaking out from comfort zone blah blah.) Well obviously, it did, my skills in makeup and gaming wise got levelled up a heap lot :P

Not so long ago.... Was doing hair and makeup for Cheryl for Watson's TVC
Using CandyDoll products
Cheryl sure has a luscious pair of lips! chuchu~ ( ^3^)~ <3

Images are taken from: CandyDollSingapore

Please check out their page for more cosmetic products, personally I really digg their shading powder and Candydoll Mineral Face Powder 01 it is really fine and covers pore perfectly!
This is their latest product which will be launching soon in Singapore. I am really anticipating for it! The promo pic looks really look, but well I am a sucker for cute chicks.


I've come to a realization that I have short attention span on fashion styles(Possibly a good thing because I keep things fresh?). I am like a pandora box, minus all the sinister things that comes out from it. Call me a poser what-so-ever, I don't really care. I never deliberately try too hard to impress others or be someone else am not, that is something, that, I am proud to say. Maybe thanks to my Mother's side of the family, I am naturally born with some sort of good sense aesthetics(this does not really make sense, but I meant like, I somehow know how to put together a coordinate/look which is suitable for me, without trying hard, or really bad mismatch etc. well I am still human there is still tend to be hit and misses ya?). Well and most of all happy being in my own skin, being real and living with a "right" conscience.

Back in college days with my best buds!
My Amy Winehouse hair day in 2009, damn...I already worked that JPG  Spring 2012 back then instead of streaky fringe I had streaky pink hair at the back... Seriously the crazy colour hair trend in Singapore these days is so passé, I already worked it back in 2009 LOL.

Again with my BFFS in 2009
OMG MY DRESS FOR THE NIGHT WAS SO DAMN TACKY and it makes me look fat...What's worse I paid alot of that crap. Like CRAP seriously. It's ok I learn....

I realized I do not wanna be labelled as a member of a any subculture(actually quite a long while ago I realized). I love to know about subcultures all over the world, love to dress up coordinates/looks inspired by a certain subculture, in my opinion, there isn't a need to belong to a certain scene, it sort of like primary, secondary school all over again. Ultimately, one just need attention and acceptance from that certain community, it is like some sort of like an extended family where you could get all the other emotional stuff, one, is unable to get else where.

Zalora days... 2012 to 2013

Dark look + jeggings days

Pin-up inspired

Mode Kei

Pink rocker chic

Some stuff Gal look period...
Was assisting Mawaki-san at CandyDoll's event :D (pic on the right)
my shading was alittle too much... BWAGH!!!!

Random looks
after work drinking session look lol...man I look fat...

ROCK CONCERT LOOK: Singlet and shorts and a trusty band towel. Somehow I look tanner than usual

 Days I am feeling graphic Tokidoki 
Can't see much but yeap just simple tees shorts and cap, and a trusty camera to snap convention photos!

Current look: Bad ass black obsession

This is like at least one year plus ago, man I was hideous...

SWAGGG~ lol.

That aside I do not wanna be labelled as a just another pretty face blogger. If my blog bores you to the 9th layer of kueh lapis hell, so be it. I'm steering my ship in to another direction. I don't want blogging for me to be a chore it should be something fun and something I am looking forward to do everyday ya? Although I am bad at writing... 

And now a little more random photos before I go get my breakfast...

At Butterfactory lol, the walls has similar galaxy print as my wallet.
Thanks for the photo Vicole. 

Lol was doing test makeup for some cosplay event, playing with playing with the props

Black x White OOTD with my BFF :)

XD Kaname and me at AFM. Gyaru pin-up look.

Btw this is a Fox kid size sweatshirts, somehow I managed to fit into them hmmm...

Yes my favourite pair of shoes all time :)

Hanananananananananananananananananananana :P

*Hello friends, any photos that I've uploaded here makes you uncomfortable. Let me know I'll take it down*

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