Friday, April 26, 2013


Lately, I've been pretty hard working freelancing... Did a few test shoots with super creative people!

Love this shoot, dark bondagey styling, fierce like crazy! And yeap Avant Garde makeup.

And  a shoot I've always wanted to do very long!!!
A Harajyuku Street Fashion inspired shoot anyways let's get to the makeup

Anyways this is Larissa from Basic Model!
Hope you all love my makeup and hair for her!!!

Yeap, too bad, my crazy lash covered the crazy eye shadows.

TIP: A great way to make your eye shadows more intense is to use a good eye shadow primer, for me my favourite eye shadow primer would be Two Faced Shadow Insurance! I tested it side by side with Urban Decay's Eye Shadow Primer when I was too free shopping at Sephora. And obviously Two Face won the test, it was so much more intense. Here a snapshot of it incase if you wanna get it

Can't wait for these two photoshoot's photos to be edited!!!
AND I'M WAITING FOR THE 5 OTHER POST EDITED PHOTOS, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE BEETCHES!!! :P Joking take your time but please remember to send me :) So I can post it up here to show the worlddddddd!

<3 you all,
Hana Hearts

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