Wednesday, November 14, 2012


What is happening in Hana's life at the moment:
1) Digital fashion week
2) Shoot with Winne and Geraldine
3) AFA!
4) Test shoot with Reyme and Gabby

What is Digital Fashion Week? Digital Fashion Week is the world's first only live streaming Fashion Week!

Taken from DFW's website:

"Unifies fashion and digital innovation with a groundbreaking advancement – by becoming the world’s first live streaming only fashion week. For the first time in fashion history, no front row guests will be present at the live fashion shows, where homegrown fashion designers will present their collections alongside an internationally renowned designer. Viewers from all around the world can purchase the runway pieces in real time via an e-commerce platform in a new initiative introduced by DFW to Asia. Consumers now have the chance to shape future fashion trends. DFW is all about Front Row Access, Real Time Shopping & Power to Influence."

It runs from 20-22nd October a 3 day Fashion event at The Tent, Millenia Pavilion, Ritz-Carlton Singapore.

Keyis Ng the creative director of the event invited me knowing that I was so interested and hyped about the event! Thanks again Keyis! Hope I have the chance to attend it again next year :D

And I saw a lot of familiar faces that day too! Samuel from Evenodd, Circe my lecturer from Lasalle, Michelle etc etc :D

Let's let the pictures do the talking

Guess who I've found backstage!!! Ondrej! He models for Zalora!




A lot of my friends hate me for this...

The follow day...I catch DFW online! It was a different experience!
You don't have to dress to impress, do all the socializing, or sit in the cold cold cat walk room.


Check out Sophie from ANTM: British Invasion

The dancers were so synchronized with the music and projected image the whole dance was sooooooo soooo soooooo coooool!

And another familiar face Lily! She models for Zalora too!
She's really cute!

Anyways all the clothing featured on the runway could be found here! Have a look and check out Pauline Ning, OwnMuse and J-A-S-O-N. Hair and Makeup was done by me :D

Not so long ago I did a Avant Garde fashion shoot with Winnie and Geraldine

It was so much funnnnnn! And I now know where to find a good vacant and undisturbed location to shoot at!

And yes how can I ever miss AFA this year and especially Takanori Nishikawa-san is coming to Singapore to have a live here!

Grew up in the era of Rurouni Kenshin, Gundam, Jpop
T.M. Revolution, Takanori has been a familiar face and voice to all! And a huge influence to Animes.

Was taking photo of interview session with Takanori-san, OH-MY-GOD.
I was like 86cm away from Takanori-san I can't help but to palpilate. I really cannot believe how nice, down to earth, sweet and beautiful this guy is! And he is so so so real like in my face(almost, sitting down in front of me). Too bad I wasn't able to take a photo with him as the AFA management was so strict about it(so close yet so far), or else I would have trolled around on facebook with it :P


just you can see the light is so damn blinding I regret not bringing my shades...

Erghmahgerd Takanori san's sexy back!



ALL TM Revolution concert images featured are taken from ANIME FESTIVAL ASIA 2012 LIVE PHOTOS(Facebook)

I realized that I could still remember the lyrics to INVOKE and HEART OF SWORD.

Remember to like TM Revolution on your facebook alright, you could see funny cute pictures of Takanori-san there and of course fresh updates too!

Takanori Nishikawa Singapore Photo #6  is taken from T.M.R. (T.M.Revolution) facebook page

Here is one of my favorite picture of Takanori-san having a great time at Orchard :D
I really cannot believe he is in his 40s. He is wayyy to cute to be in his 40s.

Next uppppp!

Reyme and Gabby asked me to help wih makeup and hair with their Beauty shoot
And coincidentally it was Natalia that we are shooting with!
She also has been modelling for Zalora on and off, and is one of my most favorite models to work with all time :) was sooo happy to see her!!!


hope you don't mind that I steal some photos from you ;P

Here's the photo from the shoot, I know I know WE IZ COPYCATS. Well for their assignments they are suppose to replicate the same lighting and vibe as the prints ads.

Prada candy perfume campaign

 Narciso Rodriguez for her perfume campaign

So yes that is why I am not here blogging, I am so sorry guys m(_ _)m
Hope you enjoyed reading and looking at the images that I've created :)

Some photos from JCosmeland event before I leave!

Me Seika and Denise having a awesome camwhore time XD
ya and my always random face.

Chloe san and me too over exposed! And Mirai chan and me my fav girl :)

Finally good night guys! Hope I'm free to come back soon. (@~@;; ) more stuffs coming up next week...
Good night, sweet dreams and take care! Wish me luck at work later :)


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    1. Yeap check him out he's Andrej Pejic, he is from Australia he totally fits the androgyny category perfectly! His spreads are awesome!!! I love him!